Trying hard or Giving up?

When was the last time you said,
“Ok, I can’t take this anymore, maybe I’ll just have to give up?”
“No I won’t give up this’s just the beginning!”
…there a lot of trials in life that we have to succeed, there are some which needed to be given up simply because there’s no hope fighting for..
What’s you story?
Let me share to you this beautiful song from Green Day…

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“Letting go doesn’t mean giving up, but rather accepting that there are things that cannot be.”


28 thoughts on “Trying hard or Giving up?

  1. it always come to my bitter coconut. I dont know
    how to express it
    but somehow i get used over it.
    It just neede time
    and patience.
    Giving up is never an option,.

    waw may bago kang site precious hehehe

  2. ngayon..hindi ko pa nattry yung pag-give up^^

    tindi ko kasi kumapit e..hahah

    minsan kasi depende sa sitwasyon o sa partner..

    pero sabi nga ni bob ong, walang gamot sa tanag kundi pag-kukusa:)

    • sing with me, father, “sumwer down the road…i know that heart of urs wil come to see..dat u belong w/me…

      letting go is juz another way of saying il olweiz hav u..”

      tnx po sa pgdaan…^,^

  3. haha. ang lesson natin sa sinabi ko ay.. masusugatan ang tao. matututo siya. at may isang tao na tutulong sa kanya sa pagtayo sa pagsemplang sa bike.

    actually may entry ako doon.. pero nahihiya pa ako mag plug sa site mo! awts.

  4. yes!!!
    its really hard,
    there are things u just need to let go
    but it doesnt mean ur giving up…
    and why?
    because you just wanted to set it free
    as you break away.

    in the past, i learned to let go
    as in madami, i also had to give up
    on some people.
    but aun, kelangn parin nating maging
    strong.. tama?
    if a tree lose a leaf will it still be called a tree?

  5. Nice.. I sometimes don’t know when to give it up.. Makulit ako. Hangga’t di ko nararamdamang di ko na kaya I’ll go on.. There’s nothing wrong in trying and trying.. Buhay pa eh.. Mga nag ggive up yung dying na.
    I’m not an avid fan of Green Day pero I lke their “Time of our Lives” So nice..

    Great Lyrics..

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