Thank You

I’m 18 and she’s two years younger than me. The most beautiful girl in town who instantly holds the title, the “queen of my heart”. She never failed to smile at me whenever I see her. Her long black hair that sways in the air; her pure white teeth that shines when she smiles..her inner beauty that strikes outside..

I’ll be a lucky man if she’ll be with me..

I promised to myself that I should meet up with this angel from heaven..

I love you very much..Im so overwhelmed with the life I have with you that even if I lost my breath right now, I’d be happy lying on soil..

It’s been 26 years since then and I thank the Lord I’ve found you, I love you Mama..


37 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. ayos.. dati ka bang dj sa radio? tapos na defunct yung show, kaya sa blog na lang dinadaan ang mga letter sender na gusto mong bigyan ng payo?

    ahahaha… I like it…

    • hnd nmn..dme lng cguro nkarelate..hehe..

      ui cnxa n pla s lahat ha! mjo busy kya hnd msyado mkpg blog hop…

      suri nmn! TAO lng! tska lhat ng bumibisita d2 ililink ko s sidebard dont wori…

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