Only Hope..

I was lying on my bed one afternoon.  As my eyes was shutted, the wind keeps on swaying my hair.  As peaceful as it may sound when someone whispers on my ear,

“Come with me..”

I slightedly opened my eyes and see a blurred image with a posted pearly white smile.  I smiled back and prepared to get up.  A white curtain strikes in front of me and behind it was Mang Boy.  As I remembered, he’s been diagnosed of liver cancer and been buried few years ago.  He reached for my hand without saying a word.  Now I’m puzzled,

“Where am I?”

I turned around and saw my children.  All were in the amidst of tears towards someone lying on the bed.

“Please don’t leave us!!”

My eldest was on the top of his lungs as he tries to wake up the reckless body.

“All we can do for now is to pray harder.  The patient’s potassium level and vital signs has dropped and only prayers could revive her..” the doctor said as he entered the room.

I was horrified to see my body.  A lifeless one.   With all tubes connecting my mouth and machines on my side.  I turned back to Mang Boy and he’s still reaching for my hand.  Now my eyes filled with tears.  All of my memories of the past flashbacks – my poor lifestyle that leads to diabetes, complication of the heart; and now, I’m on the middle of life and death.  I closed my eyes as hard as I could, bend my knees and prayed. 

“Please let me have a chance to make things right..”

I opened my eyes and filled with happiness as I see my children one by one, hugging me.  Relatives and friends ask how am I doing for a long sleeping hours.  Smile is the only answer I can give them. 
I saw a guy’s image heading the door.  I forced myself to get up, sit down and widened my eyes to familiaze myself with him.  He turned his back on me, wave in farewell and post a smile – the same smile I saw with Mang Boy’s.  With a blink, he disappeared..

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35 thoughts on “Only Hope..

  1. loka ka pero alam mo may napanood ako sabi dun if ever na mamatay sya gusto niya yung alam nia gaya ng magkaroon ng cancer para daw atleast magawa nia lahat ng gusto nia gawin before sya maratay at mamatay.
    takot ako eh.

  2. ay kanina lang din may nareceive akong forwarded message, “nobody has the power to make things perfect.. but everyone is given countless chances to make things right.”

    wui add kita sa blogroll ko.

  3. this person is blessed to be given another chance… so habang buhay pa tayo, wag na natin antayin dumating sa ganyan… live life to the fullest with a healthy mind, heart, soul and spirit!

  4. your mom is very lucky to be blessed with another life… maybe she still has a mission… to make sure that you guys are ok before she leaves.

    thanks for sharing this story with us.

    btw, kelan ‘to nangyari?

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