She’s the one I’m into when that people ruined my entire training at the office.  She’s always packed with all sorts of comforting, humiliating and thought-provoking words I needed to get rid of my inner EMO-ness.  She scolded me things that only mothers knows best..Peace! hehe..And how could I forget the times she boast her knowledge about the culture, sayings, traditions, mangas, and everything Japanese. 

She’s half filibustera and half indio..Hehe!  Well a lot of people regarded her being boyish and simply a snob.  Who cares?  As long as you know yourself more, there’s nothing to pity about!

Happy birthday, Jacq!  Your my number one fan! Haha! Gotcha!  And I must say,

“it’s been a long time, and I’ve missed a friend!” 😉

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42 thoughts on “Wazzup?

  1. ay, sweet, infairness..trio! parang la diva lang..ahaha
    kaya lang bitin! para tuloy ang sarap nyang maging friend, ahehe (kasi may tsoklet)
    but in a serious note, mukang ok nga talaga xa..kahit hindi kami maxadng close, napansn ko ung friendship between sa kanila ni shea..wala lang..
    bitter bitteran xe juliet..ahaha
    half xa? ahaha ulit!

    aun..di ko pa xa nagigrit…ahehe

    • nakow naka leave nga po ung bruha..mkhang nahihiyang makipagbati saken! awts! i mean, c jacq ah ung long lost friend ko! at dahil binigyan nia ko ng dark sokoleyt hnd ko pa nababasa ung sorry letter nia, bati na kame kagad! ang lalim db?! 😆

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