One night..only?

You had me at hello. Yes, as your smile implies, you got me. It’s like serendipity when we exchange glances. An elite type who lives only in fantasyland where romeo and juliet exists. All tensions were sealed by me..with a kiss..and another..No reservations whatsoever, he lie down beside me. The one who titillate me to spend nights in Rodanthe and booomm! It’s like feast of love when we touch.. Was it just my luck that I got this man beside me? Or by chance that we are the hottie and the nottie?

It’s 6a.m., time to leave. My blueberry nights became steamy because of an hour of cautious lust. And beyond our boarders, he manages to have a walk with me. A memorable one.

We met, smile, chat, cuddle. It all happened in one night. Can this be called my summer of love? Nope. don’t think so. It’s just the beginning of Endless love.. (simply because it’s not summer anymore..;-)

81 thoughts on “One night..only?

  1. kasama name ko e di ko naman
    alam kung sino 2?

    ah baka nga ako. joyce di kaya ikaw to?
    pero ala naman akong nawento sa yo
    kung may nangyari na samin ni douglas

  2. oh pag-ibig nga naman.🙂 nakakaaliw lang makabasa ng mga ganitong kwento lalo na ngayong magpapasko. charos! nag-emo. hahahaha. anyway, dapat di question mark e. dapat “. . .” nalang, para to be continued ang drama ng lola. diba? hehehe. oh well, i wish them well.🙂

  3. wow naman ang tameeeeeees. tagal pa ng february diba? hehe. pero love is in the air na. grrr… kaka-inggit. pero medyo malungkot ‘to. pano kong ipinadama lang sa’yo yung saya just for a night? tapos wala na. hai. pampelikula. haha.

    true to life ba ‘to?

    • ha? hnd ko nagets dad! groge pa ko dhil sa OT! kakauwe ko lng! hnd pa makapag update!… wg nio ko hiritan ng mga jokes ngaun at mlmng n hnd ko magegets yn! aw!

  4. nakakapagod. nakakaantok. sana wag na ako maging busy. aw. parang nag p pray lang.

    hm, mukhang di ka na nakakapagbloghop dahil blocked na sa opis niyo ang WP. isa lang ang solusyon, resign ka na. hanap ka ng pwede. hehe.

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