How are you?

I wonder how the guys are doin’ right now. What they’re up to. Are they the same playful, sometimes serious yet smart people I used to be with? Do they’ve gained, reduced, or maintain not only their weights and physical attributes but also their naughtiness and inner wits I used to love?

Holiday season is fast approaching and once again, I missed my barkada/classmates/friends…a lot.. Remember those days when we spent sleepless nights to prepare for the next day’s demo. Got no thesis cuz our defense is an everyday presentation with the teacher/professor who’re ought criticizing. But those are the days when I’m grateful for having such supportive fans..Kidding!

A room of 40-50 teacher hopefuls who got porridge/congee/lugaw for lunch with either tofu or egg for side dishes. And when we’re fed up with those, we’ll end up with 3-piece siomai or pancit canton with rice instead. Happy are those memories that stucked into my head (aside from porno films some of our classmates would bring and watch over the laptop inside a friend’s supposed to be editorial office). Hope they’ll still remember me. Soon it’ll be my birthday, hope we’ll see each other again..

For those of you who I am, please shut your mouths cuz I’m really writing this “Sows”…

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48 thoughts on “How are you?

  1. pa sabit sa beys! base!! bagu ang lahat, babatiin muna kita in advance happy burf day sa iyu, dont worry nanjan lang mga friends mu, baka busybusyhan lang sila..

    sagutin ko lang Q. mu na, HOW ARE YOU?! sagot ko, IM NOT FINE! wweehh, EMO?!

    oki, ingat always!! be happy!! cheers!! 🙂

  2. wah. i feel it. namimiss ko na din tropa ko. 😦 sana we could reunite again. hai. this is what i hate about being busy. people tend to miss a lot of stuff. hai. (di ako ang busy dito ha, sila. hahahaha). 🙂

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