my damn head says..

Is it really over? Are you really over her? It’s about a year ago when you said you’re really through. No what’s, when’s, or how’s. Period. You don’t bother explaining so why should I? But when I see gleams on your eyes as you flashbacks memories, grudges stings me up. What does a year of resentment could do with 5 years of ecstasy? How can trust be an assurance of faithfulness? Can paranoia ruin a relationship built by love?


When answers left unspoken, questions keep on duplicating.

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32 thoughts on “my damn head says..

  1. acceptance, tol 🙂
    makakamove on ka din, some time.
    take it slow. you’ll learn some things.
    HAHAHA. pero it’s better said, than done. Oh well.
    I’ll just tap you shoulder and say don’t take insecticide.
    Siguro focus on other things, not on having relationships. AWU.

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