It’s not so long ago when I’ve felt this. When he caress her so vividly. like no one has been watching their next move. He run his hand onto her long black hair, then into her neck, then pull her closer to his lips to connect it. My attention moved away and can feel my face turns red. As into my intriguing id, I looked back and they disappeared.

What I’m feeling right now is different. But it’s just the same bitterness..only, at work.

Everybody’s been leveling up. A friend, (a month older than me in the company) about three weeks ago received her promotion but wasn’t able to bring up on our past conversations cuz at that time I was mumbling about how discontented I am at work.

“It’ll gonna mess up your day, as I know you..”

…she said.   What a sweet girl. But before and now that she said it, hadn’t got any difference. I’m still a loser, period.  😆   Now I was wondering if it’s because I’m so dumb that I never gotten any QA or process jobs which is I believe the first step forward.  Just about this morning, a batchmate receives her promotion as well, and the other.  Then?  It ends there.  Noone bother telling me but I saw them at the aquarium..hihi..  Congratulations, dudes..you really deserve it.  I’m really happy you’ve finally made it.  What an ego booster.  But when it sinks through me?
It’s like a slap on the face.

It’s just so POOR me..

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43 thoughts on “Envy

  1. pana-panahon lang yan. siguro hindi pa ngayon ang time mo to be promoted. baka mas kelangan ka pa kung ano ka ngayon. basta focus ka lang sa trabaho mo then i know at the end it will all pays off. 🙂

    congrats dun sa mga na-promote. painom naman oh.

    alam ko ikaw na ang susunod. just believe!

  2. naku. sows. paki-disregard yung unang comment ko. yung ang name ay totalkriskringle09. toinks. ahahahaha.

    anyway, ayun nga. to whoever this person is, never stop believing in your self. your time will come. wag kang mainip. 🙂

  3. reassess yourself. if you know this work is not for you, then leave. if you could not in any way put up a good fight to excel in this field, leave.

    but do not leave right away. be sure you have a career waiting for you before you pass that resignation letter.

    and be sure you’ll love your next work.

    because if you do, it’ll be easier to reach your desired position.

  4. hindi lang ikaw nakakafeel nito girl..kaya in 2010, lets start the new year right! tamang inspirasyon lang yan..parang ung motivation ko para pumayat..ahaha..gogogo..kaya natin to friend!

  5. hi and hay…
    lahat ng napromote bibigyan ko ng spaghetti.
    at dun sa envious (ikaw ba yun? o letter sender mo?) ay sauce na lang. :p

    jokes apart, hindi naman masama mainggit. may kainaman din naman para malaman mo sa iyong sarili kung ano na ba ang meron ka at kung ano ang kaya mo pang ibigay na effort. well, i guess it applies naman sa karamihan ng eksena kung saan may inggitan portion.

    believe in your own kind… haha. teka, mali ata. i mean, be yourself. be unique.

    merry christmas sows… handog ko sa iyo ay sankaterbang ispageti sows!!!!! 🙂

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