Your guitar lesson’s good. Every strum strikes directly thru my heart. I can feel it.. I first saw you in a concrete seemed-to-be-chair in the school’s catwalk beside a faucet. A skinny guy as anyone could ever imagine. I’m pond of watching over your every move through a window, the only thing that separates us. I wanted to approach you, talk to know you…but what can a transferee from Manila could do to make a good impression from a barrio guy? He’ll might think that I’m liberated approaching a guy I like. Am I that obvious or has my delusions eat me up that alarms every Equus ferus caballus outta my chest everytime you smiled at me? The ending?

I’m left overwhelmed. Star strucked. I looked at the gym and I saw you yesterday playing basketball and now? Volleyball. And who says sporty guys are academic dumps? You’re one of a kind. Though you’re a second achiever, that’s quite or should I say, an achiever in any sense. But oh, there’s no such thing as a perfect
being (thank God you got a single foible) and it’s just a pint of a turn off.. Your, uhm, 80’s fashion. It doesn’t look good. But nevertheless, you’re a God.. almost..

It’s been five years and heard nothing about you. Then I met FB. My reliable source and been quite a good friend in anonymously finding long lost lust love. Improved buff biceps. hmmm.. Now the question is, should I add you or one of our common friends to suggest me up to you? lol. I’m insane. And one thing’s for sure. I’m not giving up. Not until I want to.



55 thoughts on “Basag..

  1. nako sows ka…

    kaibiganin mo na kasi..

    basta simulan sa friendship para hindi sya ma culture shock. hahaa

    diba diba.

    kung satingin mong mahirap para sa babae ang mag approach saming mga lalake, mahirap nga. kasi tradition na kami ang lalapit sa inyo.

    pero malay mo…

    break it and have it.

  2. Parang mas lasing pa yata ako sa lasing. Hindi pa ako nakakatulog sa loob ng 24 hours.

    Bakit kinunan pa ng picture ang nakahilata sa kalye? Paano na lang kung biglang masagasaan yan ng sasakyang mabilis na tumatakbo? Eh di naging karga de konsensya pa yan ng nakakita na walang iba kundi ang photographer.

    BTW sows, sarili mo ba tinutukoy mo rito? Sorry but I’m nosy when I’m sleepy don’t worry if you answer right away, tomorrow it’s 4gotten already 😆

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