’til next time!

Intense.  That’s how we shared the cubicle alone.  It’s just, YOU and ME.  With me sipping through every liquid from you, you’re simply irresistable.  You were that great that I can’t get over you.  First, second, and now it’s my third time with you.  What an addiction!   At first, I was kinda hesitant to tell you approaching you for i thought you’re a high maintenance guy.  But what a surprise!   Pretty cheap, huh?! LOL.  For the first time, I can see that every men and women around us were envious of me having you.  Well, they should be!  Got a grande here!

As I hold your body, you were bathing with sweat.   Am I press’ring you so bad?  I’ll make it gentle on our fourth time, ok?  But please don’t let that be too long for I might be turning my eyes on others.. hehe…I got a great time, my superONE..

And for you I am writing this post.  Long lived..

Two Is Better Than One ~ Taylor Swift and – Boys Like Girls Music Code


45 thoughts on “’til next time!

  1. una sa lahat.. salamat sa post na to dahil ang song ay kay taylor swift ko..

    ayon sa nabasa ko sa taas… mahal na mahal nung babae ang lalaki..

    walang bounderies..
    walang pag aalinlangan.

    ang mahalaga ay mahal nya yung tao…

    love love love

    sobrang in love ka ata sows

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