I was 15 or 16 then. A lonely gypsy gal in a place where most wood images are carved and the most prestigious public university reside. I felt stupid knowing middle to elite people never get along well with a simple student as myself. But you smiled.

It was the first time I saw hope. To get along with people, I study hard. I excelled in Journalism but you are one of the topnotchers. You still smiled.

I always fight for the seat beside the window. With that, I never get tired of staring at you at the corridor while strumming chords I barely know. Then you smile.

Field trip. I never had a companion. Loser. I bumped into students and made a chat but nobody last. Then you passed by and smiled. Who cares of being alone?

Prom. I had a date but all I wanted was you. You asked your crush but she’s got bunch of invites. Before the night ends, you danced with the girl of your dreams. My heart was torned into pieces. But your smile. at her. A view I would most lovingly appreciate than her.

I went home and the song played, “baby I will love you more than that, I won’t say the words then take them back..” BSB. Thank you that I got to love them and their heart-warming songs.

I gave a poem written in a printed tissue paper, all for your birthday. A Tagalog one. Literally one cuz I don’t have a copy of that. Can you keep it? or you did? My questions are still unanswered but you come up to me, say your thanks and smiled. Worries are wiped out.

Yes its been 8 years and nothing’s changed. I still want you but you got your another happiness. I’ll soon passed this so-called loneliness. Your names as my passwords will soon be changed and my heart will finally let go. Soon. I turned into the mirror and the image smiled, “you deserve to be happy, set yourself free..”


21 thoughts on “poop..

    • tama, hnd ka nga mahilig. pancn nga.


      Yup. BSB’s having their concert again. Minus Kevin Richardson who shift into a theater career (Chicago). The ticket’s from P480 (micro view); P960 (almost-micro view); P2860 (normal view); P3860 (middle class view); P4280 (elite view); P4760 (thank you parents view). This is the time that I wish I was a Lopez, Ayala, Zobel, or even a Villar. Or maybe I’ll be the lead character in, “Magkano ang iyong Dangal?” D*mn. Erase, erase.. Wag nlng pala.. 😆

      Any sponsor, guys? Patak patak na! 😉

  1. hmmm medyo nasapol ako dun wahhh naka-relate. hehehe
    ako six years e bagao nasabi sa sarili ay tantanan na ang kahibangan na ito.

    well at least kahit papaano nakakakilig. ngayon wala nga akong kilig factor e.

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