A lot of fans  friends welcome me back as I enter the room.

I’m a bit excited knowing I’ll be saute’d later for a voice act. 😆 Nope. I don’t get any. I don’t wanna paparazzi make a commotion when I had my concert afterwards. None. The piece I was vocalizing all day put into waste. It’s just an interview about why it took 8 years for me to come to the id again and some cheesy stuffs like those from a slum book.

“Hey, it’s been a long time. Good to see you around!”

“Yoh, Sows, ‘zup? Preparing for a soloist piece? Haha. Don’t wanna scared you, Bud. Just kidding!”

A lot of unfamiliar faces smiled at me, some are criticizing me from head to toe.

“Ate, is that really you? Is this the end of the world? Am I dreaming?”

“OA mo ha. You’re talking to a veteran here. Hohoho!”

What am I trying to say here?

One word.  [insert title here]


’til next Sunday!


60 thoughts on “Ecstasy

  1. namiss ko si sows.. hakhakhak..

    oi… sige na mag upload ka ng video mo sa youtube, ako cameraman? hehehe…

    nkow… mukhang may karibal ka na ateng.. hehehe

    • mjo bc ako ds past few days. nga pla, may webinar kmi with sir jay ds wik about SEO. bgong project. challenging acheng. it so happens na nabanggit ka nia. “ung maliit na girl..wat’s her name?” sbi ko, sheryl po.

      u put soooo much effort dw in promoting sencor. sayang wla ka na dw ipo promote ka rin sana..

      (loko lng ung last sentence. 😆 ) galeng2! musta nb?

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