Ang tag ni Ate Len
1.) What is your name: Sows

2.) A four letter word:  Sist

3.) A boy’s name:  Stephen

4.) A girl’s name:  Shane

5.) An occupation:  Shoot-to-kill-supv.

6.) A color:  Shamrock green! \m/

7.) Something you wear:  Spotted pant(s) (y)

8.) A food: Spageti!!

9.) Something found in the bathroom:  Sepgard

10.) A country:  Spain! Congrats!

11.) A reason for being late:  Super sloth.

12.) Something you shout:  “S it break yeeeet?!”

13.) A movie title:  Schindler’s List

14.) Something you drink:  Sanka. Can’t live w/o.  pampagising!

15.) A musical group: Sa backstreet boys pa rin ako!!

16.) An animal:  Styxosaurus Snowii. Aminin mo, ikokonsulta mo to ke gugel. Ako rin! -Noynoy. LOL

17.) A street name:   South Daang Hari. (c’mon and get me, get me get me…:p)

18.) A type of car:  Subaru forester 4×4

19.) An internet site/blogsite:   http://spagetisows.blogspot.com ; http://www.spagetisows.wordpress.com (sino sila?)

20.) A song:   Someday we’ll know -,-

21.) A President’s name:   Sarkozy

22.) A cartoon character:   Spongebob squarepants

23.) Name of School:   St. Cyr Academy – elem. school ko

24.) A sport:   Swimming & snooker.  Paturooo!!!

25.) A Latin word :   se astringo – to commit oneself to. (hnd ko to kaya! haha!)


Salamat sa suporta ni mang gugel!


1.) Copy tag to your own notes and start modifying it.
2.) Omit existing answers.
3.) Write your answers and tag as many as you want.

Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real. Nothing made up. If the person before you had the same initial, you MUST have different answers, strictly NO carbon copy in that case. You cannot use any words twice. You cannot use your name for the boy and girl’s name questions.

Panahon na para putulin ko ang sumpa. hehe. na tag na kc yata lahat.

Mandy Moore ft Jonathan Foreman – Someday We’ll Know .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

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