First love never dies

About a year ago when I decided to blog anonymously.  As spaghetti being my favorite, I chose “sows” as my pseudonym.  But being a homebody person, I can’t blog about different food around the metro.  Then I decided to blog about my second love – music.  From mellow to pop, rnb to jazz.  Everything, as long as it suits my lifestyle and has impact on my being.

When it comes to my first love?  I could only rely on what’s on the internet.  Thank God I found out about this site where I’m pretty educated about the latest hangouts, dining, and some sort to fulfill and prove my love for food.  Bon apetit! 😛

As for different gadgets and latest celphone trends, I trust only the best!


27 thoughts on “First love never dies

  1. Let’s get back to your second love.

    Sometimes, I’ll go from symphonic to instrumental and then I’ll switch to OPM. Buwan by Wickermoss. Tuloy Pa Rin by Metafour. Halik by Aegis. And then I’ll find myself listening to Asian and Greek songs.

    And my lullaby will always be Vitamin String Quartet.

  2. alam mo kung ano ang paborito kong pagkain na hindi agad ako nagsasawa? pasta. kahit anong klase ng pasta.

    parang eraserheads lang. iba-iba man ang tono at tempo ng kanta, alam mong eraserheads pa rin ang kanta. at hindi ka magsasawang ulit-ulitin sa soundtrack mo ‘yun.

  3. 60 Gig ng mp3 at music videos.64 playlist sa media player.ganyan din ako kahilig sa music.mula sa era ng 50’s hanggang ngayon.pero more on sa mga classic ,especially 70’s.

    basta hilig mo, wag mong bibitiwan!

  4. music din ang bumubuhay sakin since nuon pa, pero ganun talaga siguro habang buhay na lang akong frustrated singer/vocalist… ehehe, kahit anong songs basta maganda ang lyrics gusto ko… lumaki ako sa tugtog ng Beatles hanggang e-heads at Ne-yo.

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